your move

The ebony queen gathered her robes and sashayed across the black and white marble floor. All the knights could do was watch as she lifted her silken leg and…

Time seemed to slow down.

The kings face slowly drained of colour. She had aimed the kick right where it would hurt the most. A moan escaped his lips that sounded like an elephant had stepped into a bed of nails, but was actually a simple “No”. He tried to move his hands to protect, but all they could do was hang limply by his side as if they were bunches of soggy grapes. He attempted to twist his obese body but only managed to expose himself more.

The foot with the high heeled shoe was still rising. He could see the little stubble of unshaven hairs on her knee. The foot connected with soft tissue.

A drop of sweat crept down his forehead, so slowly it could have been a snail on holiday.

Time was speeding up again.

The sweatdrop ran into his eye. A tear ran down his cheek. He toppled over.

“Check mate” she shouted and raised her hands in victory.

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