Well, I'll tell you a story (The Twyst's Twist Version)

I was putting out on my roof.
Yes, my roof.
I had thought about what it may be like to put out on ones roof.
So I call my sister outside and tell her to bring the camera.
I wanted her to record my moment of glory.
I say to her, “HEY LILY! What would happen if someone tried to…. you know…….”
She gave me no response.
However, within ten minutes there was a crowd of maybe fourty men and women outside cheering me on.
“GoGo!” They all screamed.
So I did.
It flew into the air, my hands waving.
I don’t know how it landed. The landing was the only part my sister didn’t get on video.
She got it flying, then me holding my arm, screaming.
There were little stains of white sticking to my elbow
It was white.
It was VERY white.

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