What I Did In The War

“What did he mean, about you knowing how dangerous zombies are?” Damn my son had good hearing when he wanted to.

“He just meant that I’d lived through the outbreak.”

“What about being recalled, why do you have a gun? "

“Ok, I was going to tell you, eventually. I was in London when it started, the first place it happened and the last place it was contained. Everyone either fled early on or died, except for a few hundred people who did neither, I was one of them. We lived it for 5 long weeks. As a result we were more experienced than most people, we were integrated into the NATO cleanup operation against our will and served 2 years. When we were let out we were told we could be recalled at any time and were evenly distributed around the UK, both to minimise contact between us and to maximise our survival if it happened again.”

“Luckily, we’d married by then , so were allowed to stay together.” My wife said as she walked into the room carrying a shotgun. “Good job one of us kept their gun in the house.”

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