My And My Sister's Junior High Witch Years

“Now we have to promise”, she told me, ”We have to promise to never betray eachother with spells….Or words.”
Julie spit on her hand the same time that I did. Then we slapped them together and laughed.
We had both been to chicken and scared out of our wits to cut our palms and stick them together as a sign of our sisterly bond. I giggled and rolled around on the floor,as if I were stop,drop + rolling.
Then my sister and I laughed ourselves to sleep. Tomorrow was just another boring school day.

  • * *
    I was at my locker.
    I always found it weird how, in every school, Julie and I ALWAYS had a locker next to eachothers.We had to move a lot, seeing as people might find the stuff that we do suspicious and that our excuses were lame.
    “Sarah!”Julie called to me from outside the bathroom.“It’s-it’s,Aunt Mathilda. She’s here again”,she panted.Ugh. Our Aunt always tried to go public with our powers simply ’cause she wanted to show everyone how great we were.
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