Demented Carnival

The carnival was closed.That much I knew.Then why did I hear the carny music playing,as if it were still open?
My friends dared me to go to the carnival.When it was closed.At night.I’d wigged out and tried to leave,but they’d locked they gate.Yeah,SOME FRIENDS .
I’d tried climbing it,but I’d been blown off by a force.To not make myself freak even more,I assumed it was the wind…And that the music playing was in my mind.
The rides started to creakily move.The light bulbs attached to them started to flicker,as if they were being turned on and off.Voices started to form,as if people were arriving.
I didn’t know how I’d ended up in front of the ferris wheel and pushed onto the ride.
“It’s just the wind.Just the wind.” I chanted to myself.I screamed when car lurched.All around me,the carts started to creak and swing wildly.Some began to loosen.Two carts behind mine fell to the ground.I screamed and shook the cart door.
“Let me out!Let me go-” I was to shocked to scream as my cart fell 200 ft. to the earth below.

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