The Demon Party

The high school kids screamed with joy and threw up their out-of-date homework in the air.We ran out of the school pushing teachers aside.
But who cared!
It was Spring Break!
Todd the jock was strolling down the hall,handing everyone he passed a little envelope.
‘please,please,please,hand me that invite.’,I prayed.Todd strolled by me and handed me an invite.It said: party time!
Come to:
1234 Widow St.
The next day I got up quicker than usual dressed and rushed to the address.
When I got there I noticed all the cool kids from my school were already there, dancing.
I stepped on the dance floor.
I think that was when Todd noticed he actually had invited one of the uncool kids.
He stepped to me and roared.
Spit was splattered in my face…Ew.
I wipped it away from my face and saw Todd move the bangs from his face.That was when I saw the miniture horns sticking up like carved tree stumps.
Everyone else moved their hair aside and had little horns like Todd.
That was when they started to corner me.Crap.

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