Shrunk To The Size Of A House Ant

The heartless sorceress cracked her knuckles,then snapped her fingers and suddenly I was wrapped in a cloud-like substance as soft as silk. I tried screaming,but when my mouth opened,I began to gag and choke on something invisible. The silk slipped through my fingers and then it disappeared. I yelped as my butt fell to the floor. Everything seemed to shake and get bigger. At first I thought it was because I was dizzy,but by the time I was standing,rubbing my sorely sore butt,I found that I had shrunk.
“Damn you,Witch!” I screamed.
She just laughed as if were the tv and she were watching Bill Cosby.
“You—You’re the size of a house-ant!”
I screamed pounding my fists against the floor.I felt my my anger boil up inside of me like a geyser with a cork on top. I urgently wanted to punch something. I walked over to an amazingly large table leg and kicked it over and over again,schrieking at the top of my lungs like a banshee. The witch left then. I swore I would get back at my mom for shrinking me.

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