Teenager-- Problem {RETRO FICLET!}

Frowning, I leaped forward to grab Danny’s collar and pull him back.

“Danny,” I hissed, “What about..?”

I trailed off as Nick peered over at me. We were sitting in the auditorium waiting for first period to start. I, and my friend Danny, along with his friend Nick, were all sitting in the back together.

A few of my friends—my girl friends were staring at me sitting in the back with two boys.

But we had important buisness to talk about, hence that was what we were doing.

A glance over to Nick told me that he was confused. I wasn’t, nor was Danny. Danny was three weeks into being a supernatural creature, and I was too. Except I was only a couple days, and I won’t let you on the secret until later. Nick sat between Danny and I, for Danny had just told him we were supernaturals. While I wasn’t listening, even though I had heard them talking. I had immediately lunged up from my cushioned seat and ran up the aisle to sit down with them. I sighed. Boys can’t keep a secret for long in this town…

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