Having seen one last glimpse of the world, I slowly close my eyes.

The sun was warm on my face, my neck, my arms. I concentrate on the warmth, rather than the cold air that blows around me, softly caressing my skin.

I can hear the waves crashing on the rocks below me, it’s somehow soothing. The sound of laughter drifts towards me and somewhere I can hear gulls, flying high above me.

The smell of the sea surrounds me, inescapeable. It smells salty and familiar, the product of spending to many nights here with…her.

I can taste the sea. Nothing more, nothing less.

Thoughts race through my head, each one taking over the last. It’s painful. I came to the edge of the world so I didn’t have to think.

I take one last deep breath and a smile comes to my lips. With one last thought, I jump…

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