Lifelong Ambition

Immediately, his first thought was police, but the car was too small and too sleek. Area police drove Dodge Chargers, and the state troopers drove Chevy Caprice PPVs. Knowing this, he put his foot to the floor. “Sis, I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t think when I said that, you’re the one who’s got the worse end of this.”

“It’s okay bro,” Sera replied, after a few seconds. “They’re still gaining on us, I’m not sure if we can outrun them.” she said, clearly glad to have something external to focus on.

“Then we’ll have to see what they want,” he said, and slammed the brakes, then turned the wheel to allow the tail end of the car to overrun the front as it slid to a stop. “I always wanted to do that.”

The other car closed the distance rapidly, and came to rest nose to nose with Sera, the driver climbing out with as much dignity as one can when exiting an Elise.

“Now, this is where most Marauders would either run or fight, so I’m guessing that things went VERY wrong for whoever they sent,” she said, and walked over.

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