Sera growled. “Yeah, they had all the first responders on the force take some extra booster flu shot, lot of good it’s going to do me now.”

“Sis, unless I miss my guess, that shot is probably the reason you’re still talking to us right now,” James said.

“Quick on the uptake, isn’t he?” the girl said, raising an eyebrow.

“He deserves his Mensa membership. Can be damned annoying at times, but useful at others.” Sera chuckled. James, in the meantime, was looking angry.

“Sonofabitch… I just figured out what’s going on. You, Aegis R&D, whatever that is, used her as a trojan. That was why they reassigned you. They knew that she had information that these Marauders wanted, and used her as a weapon against them!” he said, rage in his voice.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly what happened,” the girl said, scowling. “Sometimes, I really wonder whether I’m really with the good guys.”

James, visibly having to control himself, growled. “Well you’re the one who knows most of what’s going on, what now?”

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