James looked to Sera. “You’re the one who’s got the most at stake here, sis, I’d say that it’s your choice.”

“Way I see it, we’ve got no choice, we go with Lisa here,” she growled. “If we try to go off on our own, it won’t end well.”

“There’s your answer,” James sighed, looking in Fur and Lisa’s direction, “Lead the way.”

Before long Josh was back in the driver’s seat and the pair of cars were blasting down the road at speeds that he had never driven before. “You’ve got something in mind,” he said, glancing at the dash. Odd how he was already thinking of it as her face.

“Yeah. Of the two factions, this one’s been the one that’s been less hostile. If we have to go with one of them, and it sounds like we do, if we want to stay alive. If we have to, we can run later, but for now, at least we get to find out what’s going on, if we keep our eyes open,” she replied.

“I hope you’re right. You’re the one with military experience, I’m just a technician, but I have a bad feeling about this,” he said, worriedly.

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