Scriptura Interdico

“What are we doing here, Kel,” Vlad asked me.
“Have you ever wondered, who they were? Where the symbols originated,” I replied.
“Not this again; YOU KNOW this is forbidden. We can be thrown in the stockade for this – or worse, sterilized,”
“I found this!” I produced a filthy slip of velum, whereupon were printed, WORDS.
“My GOD, Kel, where in the hell did you get that; put it away.. PUT IT AWAY!” Vlad’s head spun around, eyes like saucers.
I pressed, “It tells of an archive, Vlad. It tells me that in that place, we can learn!”
“WE have no business learning. It is not our place to know. Only the Archons have knowledge. What you’re talking about is our deaths.. I can’t go with you.”
“I can’t do this alone, Vlad,”
“We’ll die!”
“Then we die KNOWING our past,”
“How can you decipher these pages, Kel? Your are not a descendant of the Chosen.” Vlad’s eyes feared me, and it broke my heart, “It doesn’t matter,” i answered. I scribbled letters in the dirt beneath us.
“What is that? are you crazy?”
“Your name, Vlad,”

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