The Littlest Mouse Chapter 2: The shop

Zachary finally decided that a pet might help him with being lonely. He decided to search for a pet. He went to BIG stores and little stores. Stores that were chain companies, and others who were trying to be. The problem was however, they only sold puppies and kittens.
Zachary did not particularly care for puppies, they slobbered too much and made a lot of messes. Kittens wouldn’t play and were just lazy.

After a long day of going from store to store, Zachary was walking home..Disapointed, sad, and most of all Lonely.

He was trying to think of another way to satisfy is unhappiness when something caught his eye.

To his left was a dark alley way. He had walked that road a million times and never noticed it. It was small and dingy, but hanging but a small wire was a yellow lantern that said something is Chinese. It drew him in and next thing he knew he was walking down the alley.

He walked down the small path, stopping in front of a small door. There wasn’t much except a smaller sign saying “open.”

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