my friends

It was the most excruciatingly painful drive home I’ve ever endured.
The smell…
The warming chocolaty goodness of their sugary existence.
I was in love once again.
My hand aching for the box like it was drawn towards it with an electric magnet.
I just had to have one.
I stared at the box, not caring I was doing 70 on the freeway, and I suddenly endured the worst moment of my life.
I felt myself hit the car in front of me, and the whole world was in slow motion.
I saw the wind shield shatter, the seat belt cut into my neck.
It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. But then another car came, hitting the driver’s side of my car.
Severing the forearm I had out the open window.
It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.
When my car was done flipping, I was at the bottom of a hill, in some sort or rich residential community. I slowly eased my way out of the broken window… and I saw it.
The smashed box… the scattered remains of my friends all over the grass.
It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt from then on.

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