Three to get ready... [Retro ficlet] (really, really mature)

They moved together; slowly, at first, finding the rhythm, then increasing and reinforcing it. Sweat sheened their bodies, the soft candlelight that filled the room burnishing their skin and gilding the droplets.

The blonde struggled against the bonds which kept her hands away from the redhead whose energetic tongue was raising waves of intense pleasure. The restraints, lovingly tied silk scarfs, offered a modicum of movement, but overall it was an exercise in futility.

In the armchair at the end of the bed, the brunette sat looking on, her eyes opened as wide as her legs, where her hand moved in time to the scene playing out before her on the bed.

After several moments more, during which the sounds of pleasure from the coupling on the bed increased in intensity, the brunette pushed herself up onto unsteady legs and readjusted the leather straps more securely, then moved forward to join the others on the bed.

Resting gently against the redhead’s bobbing behind, she took a deep breath and plunged forward.

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