The Ghost of Lara Brown pt 9

The crypt was cold, and damp. The further Leo and Jeff got from the main entrance, the darker it became.
There were no other sounds other than a deep whooshing sound as Lara Brown blurred past them in a way that was impossible for a human being to move.
“None of this is right, Leo,” Jeff whispered keeping the camera rolling.
“I know it!” Leo nodded.
“We have to get out of here,”
“No way. What is she? What is happening here? Why now? All questions that need answering,”
Jeff groaned.
“Go if you want,” Leo said, pointing at the camera, “But leave that with me,”
At that moment, everything went silent.
The only light than shun, went dark.
“The light on the camera,” Leo suggested.
“Right!” Jeff clicked it on, and Lara stood poised over Leo, necrotic, vein tendrils seeped beneath translucent skin around her eyes. Her mouth was split in a black grin, “The dark dark room,”
“What is in the dark room, Lara Brown?” Leo asked.
A giggle issued from the shadow, “We are all in the Darkness! Come and I will show you,”

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