Project Sugar

Lisa was already out of her car and addressing the labcoats. “…can’t believe the nerve of you bastards!” James heard as he got out of the car. “Project Sugar is supposed to be in the experimental stages. Who gave you the right to test it on civilians?”

One of the scientists looked down his nose at her. “That’s beyond your pay grade, Corporal. I suggest you return to your patrol before something unfortunate happens.”

“What the hell concern is it of yours what my ‘pay grade’ is?” Lisa fumed. “You don’t even have military rank—you’re civilian contractors.”

The scientist shrugged. “If you’d like, I can comm someone who does have military rank. But I guarantee you will not enjoy the result.”

“Uh, excuse me,” James said. “I was just wondering if someone could explain what the hell is going on here?”

The scientist turned to examine him. “Ah, you would be Mr. Katz. And I gather that Miss Rothchild is now in control of that automech. Excellent.” He smiled. “If you will follow me to our lab, we can begin.”

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