EMO: Lunch time. Yum

“You wanna hang Sunday? or maybe Friday?” Aiden asked when we got to my locker. I threw my stuff in it and grabbed my musical purse.
“Um, I kinda have to march friday night. Remember I’m in band…the thing you quit.” I mocked. “I wasn’t good at it, you saw me last year. Freshman year was horrible how could you expect me to stay in.” I laughed.
“Yeah I guess you’re right, but Sunday we can hang. Right now we can get some food.” We walked down the hall and got into my car and headed to get some lunch. My Mustang roared as we drove past Carter walking down to the strip. “JUMP IN!” I screamed out my window. I put the roof down and he jumped in. “Where do you want to go?” I asked.
“Taco Bell!” Aiden yelled.
“McDonalds.” Carter said. “Fine, we’ll stop at both.” I decided. We pulled into the drive thrus and headed back to school. “So Carter. Kari told me you’re gonna pierce you ears.”
“Well Kari’s kind of forcing me to.”
“That sucks man.” Aiden laughed. “Oh it’s not a big deal. they’re just earrings.” I said.

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