One Step Closer

There comes a time when every shy geek must break, and these times are frequently heralded by inspired, polysyllabic speeches in the fashion of Jean-Luc Picard, had he spent more quality time with Leonard H. McCoy. James, for one, had seen more than enough by that point.

“Begin with what, more testing that would break multiple international laws, not to mention the ethics of every scientist since Doctor Mengele?” he howled in outrage, “You used my sister as a trojan horse to test some kind of weapon which if my guess is correct is some nanotech virus on your enemies, apparently without a care in the world for if she would survive! Experimentation on a person without their express, informed consent is a violation of human rights, immoral, and highly illegal. It’s people like you who make science something that most people fear rather than-”

He was interrupted in his rant, however, when one of the men in labcoats jabbed a needle into him, and he quickly fell unconscious. The events that followed were a blur.

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