Wake-Up Call

Lisa’s voice: “Good, he’s coming around.”

James blinked his eyes open and looked blearily around. The room swam into focus. He was lying on a bed, in pajamas. Lisa was sitting in a chair by the bed.

“Wha’ happened?” James mumbled. “Wha’ they do t’me?”

“Just a tranquilizer,” Lisa said. “They thought you’d be easier to handle that way. Idiots. Sera had to be restrained from tearing the place apart.”

“I would have, too,” Sera’s voice said from a speaker grille next to the bed. “But there were too many of them.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “So anyway, with you as a hostage, they got Sera down to the lab for scanning and so on. I went and got my Sergeant, who got his Lieutenant, and we raised enough of a ruckus that we were able to get you and Sera moved to my quarters after they finished for the day.”

Raising his head, James saw that one wall of the room was glass, with curtains drawn back. It looked into a garage with Fur and Sera parked in it.

James frowned. “But that’s not all they did to me…is it?”

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