Learning to Walk

“What, and miss the chance to make themselves look like even bigger asses?” Lisa said, rolling her eyes.

“Bro… those nanobots, they can be mixed in with just about any injection, so long as there’s enough of the liquid to carry them…” Sera said, trusting James to be able to connect the rest of the dots.

“So I’m test subject number two. They’d need a control to determine the long-term effects, unless they plan on sending me out against these… Marauders, whatever they are.” he sighed. “What now?”

“Now, you get some training,” Lisa said. “You managed to keep up with me when we were in the desert, but Sera still drives like she’s on her learner’s permit, and she’s a great shot, but I don’t know if you’ve so much as held a gun before. They’re putting together a new body for Sera, they want the one she’s in to study, so that gets changed out later today, but in the mean-”

“They can do that?” James said, surprised.

Lisa helped him up, chuckling. “A brain transplant’s much easier with a mechanical body.”

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