More Lessons

He nodded, looking thoughtful, “I guess that makes sense, sort of, since a turbine will run on anything that’ll burn. I… Uh, I’m not all that certain I want to hear any more about it, though.”

“Good, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore,” Lisa said with relief. “Let’s get down to the firing range. Meanwhile, Sera’ll get swapped into that F150, then Fur will teach her how to, you know, drive.”

“I can drive, damnit! I’m just… out of practice.” Sera grumbled over the speaker.

“Sis, even the Army only let you at their vehicles long enough for you to show them why they shouldn’t until you got more lessons.” James chuckled in retort.

“Bro? Go learn to shoot straight before I kick your ass. You know I will, no matter how careful I have to be not to squish you.” Sera growled back, in that tone of affectionate aggression that siblings so often develop.

Before long, they convened over a set of guns at an extremely large firing range.

“Okay, think you can fire without hitting me?” Lisa asked with a chuckle

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