The Start of a Good Day

I smiled as I lay in bed with eyes still closed. The odd light told me that my dream had come true, but I was scared to look lest I jinx it.

At long last, I peeked with one eye.

It was just as I’d hoped: the first snow of the year! It fell all night long. The world had turned white as I slept and now the gleam of the sun off it all bathed my room in a glow as bold and bright as the day I was born.

I threw off my sheets and jumped to my feet. The floor was cold as ice! The first thing I had to do was find some socks.

I crossed the room on the tips of my toes, grabbed a pair from the top drawer, and put them on as I hopped to the next room. Mom stood near the stove.

“There you are!” she said. “I thought you’d sleep all day!”

“It snowed last night!” I cried. “Where’s my sled?”

She gave me a plate. “Why don’t you eat first? I fried you an egg.”

“Aww, Mom! Not now! I have to go see the snow!”

She laughed. “Fine, put on your coat and boots so you don’t catch cold.”

I did, and was out the door at once.

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