Going For A Spin

He really tried to keep a straight face, but James was never the best at poker, and had to bite his lip to avoid a fit of giggles as they pulled up once the course was completed. Sera coming to a stop within a few feet of him was slightly unnerving, but the automech in the bed coming within inches of squashing him as he stepped out was enough to cause him to freeze up in terror.

“Think you can do better, shorty? Well?” the drill instructor snarled. Still frozen, he didn’t respond. Sera did that for him.

She popped her driver’s side door open, and spoke up “I know he can. C’mon little bro, let’s show him what you can do.”

“Come on shorty, get the lead out! You’re supposed to be doing evasives, I’ve seen this course run faster with the engine off!” the drill sergeant shouted from outside, a few minutes later. In response, James cranked the wheel over and hauled off on the handbrake, causing the vehicle to swing around tailfirst, violently, sending the instructor skidding along the pavement.
“Sir, yes sir.”

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