A Wishful Thought

To dream a better world
A man has to lay his life in a desolate playground
Fighting for what is right and what may as well be wrong

To dream to end the suffering in the world
To stop the hungry children
To stop the wasteful beatings
To stop the burning of past bridges

A man may never see the turning of the tides in war
Or even see the changes he has made in someone’s life
By laying down his life for them to breathe the air he once did

A mans dream of a better world
A wishful thought
A mouthful at hand
A hopeful fight
A losing cause

A man with a dream
A man with hope
A man with a vision
Of a world
With no sufferings
Was once the thoughts we thought of

Now as time is known
Men lay their life for a dream
That no one has once dreamed of

To live in a world
With no hope
Of a better life
No one would ever lay their life down

No one would dare to cross the desert land
And lay their life for someone they do not know

A better world
A hope
A dream
A start in life

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