LoA Saves the Planet (2o75)

“Utilizing one of the oldest and most basic rights to mankind, one group is singlehandedly saving the planet.” The news reporter opened the segment. I turned up the volume.

“The group formed in 2008, nearly seventy years ago, on the internet as a supportive network of writers. Their main goal then was to provide supportive words to other writers, strangers, people they may never meet.

“During the great gasoline crisis, they used their words to rally together support for a bicycle fund, giving away free bikes to families all over the USA .

“But it didn’t stop there. During the Smog Years, this group solely was responsible for donating over a million trees to the devastated coniferous and rain-forests.

“With the recent election of 6 LoA members to the UN, the kindness and charity has reached new levels.

“You are amazed what kind words will do, but the LoA has been unifying groups for decades!” A humble Tim Jr. grins at the camera.

“Peace talks continue as cultures are embraced and resources shared.”

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