The Caving Club

“So how is it,” James asked as he spun the wheel, “that you have a hard time driving even now that you are a car? Shouldn’t it be as easy as walking now?”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you?” Sera said as they narrowly avoided a row of orange cones. “Fur thinks I have a mental block.”

“Don’t you need to have a mental before it can be blocked?” James asked, stomping the clutch and downshifting as they headed up a steep berm.

“Har, har,” Sera said. “Quit your day job.”

James steered with careful touches on the brakes as he navigated the marked “safe path” through a minefield. “Any idea what the ‘local information’ is that the Marauders wanted you for?”

“Been thinking about that,” Sera said. “My guess is it had to do with the ‘Caving Club’.”

“The VADders?”

“Yeah.” Conversation stopped for a moment as the truck launched off a ramp and flew over a mud pit. “If they want to know the secrets of the campus steam tunnel network, they go eat the president of the hacking club. I’m told that’s the way they work.”

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