Wandering, Wondering

“But why would they want to know about the steam tunnels?” James asked, wrestling the wheel over to navigate a dip filled with sand.

“Don’t ask me, you’re the one who interns at the university IT department, you should know more about what’s going on there than I do,” she replied. “Almost every building on campus has connections, though, and if I have to transform and climb out of here, you’re climbing out too.”

“Relax, the key is to keep as much momentum as you can,” he replied, gunning the throttle and and tackling the slope at an angle. “I know a couple of the buildings have been getting some serious hardware in, but that happens all the time.”

“Bro, whatever they’re doing, that’s what the Marauders are after, probably. We just have to figure out what.”

The truck burst over the last hill at an impressive clip, briefly gaining airtime before it came crashing down on its heavy-duty suspension.

“Yeesh, bro, take it easy, just because I don’t have teeth to rattle anymore doesn’t mean I can’t feel it…”

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