“Don’t get us wrong,” Ben said, “We are aware of each other,”
“Who is we, Benjamin?” Dr. Susan Leffler asked.
“This is Jasper, doc! And I’m not certain I like your line of questioning,”
“I don’t think we’ve met, yet, Jasper,” the doctor extended her hand. Benjamin’s eyes looked at the overture warily.
“I don’t touch other people, doc!” the boy’s eyes looked dark.
“Well, we wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable now would we? But i would very much like to talk with Ben,” Leffler said.
“Well he doesn’t wanna talk to you!”
Ben’s eyes changed. They grew wide, and his head shook vigorously, “No, Jasper. Bad thoughts.. bad thoughts,” He said.
“It’s Lilly!”
“Lilly? Where’s Ben?”
“He’s buried. Jasper won’t let him out. He’s crushing us.”
“Who is Jasper, Lilly?”
“STOP IT!” Ben launched himself at Susan Leffler, but the restraints held him in check.
“Leave us alone!” his voice was a growl. Then Benjamin’s body went limp, and his face melted from anger to helplessness.
“Ben?” Leffler asked.
“Help me?”

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