Aol sends in the Running Man

As the Fictomous Bolt comes to a landing something impossible happens. A stick figure moving at almost the speed of light approaches the mighty machine.

Lone writer looks up and her jaw only drops. The others seeing this look up and their jaws drop.

“What a revolting developement this is.” Lone Writer mumbled

The others just simply nodded.

The running man in all his glory was standing in front of the airship. A single voice projected into their minds. It had no sounds because the running man is inaudible but it clearly told a message. It was like an instant message. To their brains. A voice suddenly peirced the sound of the dead quiet that had fallen around them.

“Never give up, never surrender!” yelled a ragged group of renegades approaching the group.

The group seeing that something weird was happening pondered whether or not to run was feeling very exposed. Their were six renegades each bearing a letter. G-o-o-g-l-e. A familiar voice crackled on a h.a.m radio.

“Looks like backup has arrived.”

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