Major Malfunction

Finally, the truck pulled up back at the starting line to the obstacle course. The drill instructor climbed down from the bed, and nodded. “Hmph.”

“Well, how was that?” James asked, leaning out the window.

“Those Maurauders are even bigger idiots than I thought,” the DI-bot growled. “Just the two of you to choose from, and they pick the wrong damn one.”

“Uh, thanks…I think,” James said.

“Now you listen up!” The instructor pointed at James. “You are gonna have to whip her sorry tail into shape! There’s no room in this outfit for a ‘mech who can’t drive herself! Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly,” James said.

“Then get out of my sight!” James and Sera were only too happy to comply.

“So what happens to me if I wash out?” Sera asked, later that evening. They were back at the apartment, and James and Lisa were eating dinner on a folding table in sight of the garage.

Lisa frowned. “They’ll put you in the Library and give your ‘mech to someone else. And I don’t mean you’ll be checking out books, either.”

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