Everything's Gone!

“Welcome to Everything’s Gone! the gameshow that was burgled one hour before going on air! To delight and entertain our now-captive studio audience we’ve locked all the doors and will be asking probing and embarrassing questions of our guests. Contestants that the audience think are lying get a trip to the meat-maker, and lose some part of their anatomy!” Jason Wilde swallowed, feeling sweat drip down the back of his neck. He was pretty certain that this was illegal, but the floor-manager had made it clear that Jason would be taking a trip to the meat-maker if he tried shirking his presenter duties.
“So without further ado, let’s meet our contestants. Miriam, you look terrified!”
Miriam was a mousy woman who’s bio, collated before the show, said that she knitted tea-cosies for a hobby and was always kind to animals.
“J..J..Jason, I I’m on the wrong show!” she said, her face ashy gray.
“You did sign the waiver,” said Jason. “Shall we send her to the meat-maker?”
The audience roared approval.

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