It was hard to breathe. He couldn’t think. It was a twelve letter word. So many people were watching.
“35 seconds, Jason.” the Host said, “Pick a letter, solve, or the game’s over”
“Okay, okay,” Jason struggled, “I pick the letter U.” He stared at the large display. A— H—-AT-ON stood out on a computer screen. A stick figure hanging from a noose was on the other display, partially incomplete. Jason knew that the missing stick legs were all that he had left.
“Let’s see….” the Host paused, " a U!" The crowd let out a groan while the first leg flashed on the display. Jason struggled to breathe.
“I’m sorry-” the Host began.
“I! It’s an I!” Jason exclaimed. “I pick an I!” The crowd cheered as the letters filled in.
A—H—IATION displayed. His mind wouldn’t work because he was short of breath.
“C!” Jason guessed, hearing the crowd groan. ASPHYXIATION flashed red as the digital hangman completed itself.
“How appropriate,” Jason gurgled through the noose. The trap door fell, and his neck snapped to applause.

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