plenty of remembrance

It started at the beginning. Old photos of a smiling baby, birth announcements and a pretty handmade card. Quotes from happy parents and ecstatic grandparents.

Next there was a child’s hand print in permanent in blue paint. It’s so small, delicate; so perfect. With the hand print is a report card displaying all A’s. Once this card, like many others, hung on the fridge. There are ribbons and photos of medals too: academic prizes and sports triumphs.

As you begin to flip the pages you’ll see more photos, ones of a little girl and a little girl all grown up. Pictures from a dance recital and later a high school dance. An excerpt from her journal, her handwriting on her favorite day.

Photos of a wedding. How radiate she looks, like a princess. She was always the kindest woman. Flipping pages filled with memories different hands write stories of her life, remembering her. This is worth more than any news coverage or national holiday. It’s her love, and our love for her.

Wrapped up with a bow: it’s for you.

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