Awkward Conversation

Tyson looked perfectly normal, like nothing had even happened between us. I envied him, because I felt totally flustered. And it stung a bit that I didn’t seem to be having the same effect on him that he was most deffinately having on me.

“I don’t know, dude. I think she is staying after to retake a test she failed for her history class.” He said smothly.

I critized myself for agreeing to this. I had assumed that Lola was going to be going home so there was no way we could get caught. I didn’t know she had a brother, or that that same brother happened to be Tyson’s best friend. I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with this situation.

“Well, that explains why she asked me to wait for her to drive her home. Guess she didn’t knnow you would be sticking around.” When he said the last part he looked pointedly at me. I flushed and looked away.

“We were just leaving.” Tyson said, brushing past Caleb.

I looked away for a moment and then followed him because I had no other way home and I wasn’t asking Caleb.

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