She was the new girl. No one knew her. They saw her with her auburn hair and her steel gray eyes. They saw her with the notes scribbled on her hand. They saw her carrying pleasure books and a leather bound journal. They saw her and they called her different.

But she held her head high and tossed her hair back. I’m not different, she declared, I’m elusive. I’m myself. I am happy. She laughed and smiled her big smile. I belong to God. I know where I am going in life. I know the plans he has for me. I am your best friend and your worst enemy. I am whatever role you pick for me to fill in your life.

However at the end of the day I am whatever I, and He, want me to be. And after that day they tried to pin her down. They begged her to join their group, but she never settled in with one group, instead defying the lines of cliques and merging them all, challenging everything they believed in.

She moved after a year. She moved away and they never saw her again. But she had changed them, changed them with her smile.

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