a fragile soul caught in the hands of fate

The bells rings signaling the end of school and all the kids hurriedly grab their things and bolt outside, all but one little girl. She walks slowly being the other children, watching them smile and laugh, but saying nothing herself.

She tugs at the sleeve of her dress, the same one she wore yesterday, the same one she’s been wearing all week. Her hand holds on her shoulder, as if she is trying to hold herself together. Silently she follows her classmates outside where they all dive into their waiting parent’s cars to avoid the thunderstorm the sky foreshadows.

It starts to rain, great giant blobs of water pouring from the sky, thunder booming and lightening flashing before her eyes. But she still walks home, slowly and not at all minding the rain. She stops at the corner and leans her head up to catch the rain, the cool water feels good against the warm bruises on her skin.

But she doesn’t stop for long and begrudgingly continues walking, ignoring the rumbling in her gut. ’it’s only hunger…’ She sighs.

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