Two-Way Street

All you do
is create work for yourself.
You moan and groan
and yet there’s no one to blame.

For you though,
everyone else is to blame.
You raise your voice to yell
because it can’t possibly be your fault.

There is always an excuse
for evereything you do.
Never can you admit you’re wrong,
it’s always everybody else.

If something bothers me,
I’m looked down upon.
It couldn’t possibly be true;
it has to be just my hormones.

Here’s a wake up call you won’t get
Other people do exist.
Stop thinking for only yourself
Other people do matter.

I’m not the only one who feels this way,
but you don’t listen to what we say.
In one ear and out the other,
never even stopping to consider.

I hate the way our realationship works
me on bottom, and you on top.
I have no say reguardless of how you pretend.
Can’t you see it bugs me to no end?

Relationships work both ways.
But on the one we share,
traffic is only moving one way
on a two-way street.

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