when morning comes it will be too late

Patrick clams up. He doesn’t know how to tell his mother what he saw. Suddenly his voice is gone and he is so afraid. It’s bedtime and she gives him a kiss and tucks him in. The little boy tries to sleep, but he just tosses and turns, his stomach hurting every time he sees Belle’s house from his window.

It’s late, but he can’t sleep. Tip-toeing out into the hall he sees his mother reading in her favorite chair. “Mommy?”

“What is is?” She doesn’t like his sad tone.

“Mommy it’s Liabelle. I saw mommy, I saw.” He starts crying.

“What did you see, tell me.” She scoops up her little boy and wipes away the tears.

“She… she’s got bruises all over. And I’ve seen her mommy hit her, lots of times.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She draws him to her chest.

“Because usually she gets up and looks at me, she shakes her head no. She doesn’t want me to tell. But tonight… tonight she never got up. I’m scared mommy, is Belle okay?”

“Oh honey!” The brunette gasps and grabs for the phone. She quickly dials 911 and tells.

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