Into the Light

Zarek ran faster and faster as the light grew nearer, and he felt that every second he wasn’t in the light was a chance that he could be taken by the threatening, sinister darkness of the forest. He ignored the burning pain in his legs and his lungs and ran full speed to the golden-white light. When he finally reached it, he fell, crumpling to the ground in exhaustion.

When the boy regained some strength, he sat up in an attempt to take in his surroundings. He was once again on the fringes of the forest, but as his eyes adjusted, he saw that he hadn’t come to the end. In fact, this was the very middle! His eyes grew wide as they focused on a collossal Oak Tree in the middle of a deep crater in the earth. This crater was a rolling grassland that sunk down below the ground level of the forest, and the forest surrounded the entire crater. It was now that Zarek saw the city which was built around the enormous Oak.

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