The Organic City

How majestic the city was! The buildings were not like the ones in his village, but they were like trees themselves. It was as if the entire city itself was alive, growing intertwined with the large Oak. In a state of astonishment, he descended into the crater and approached the city. There were people just like him (or so he thought) there. No one seemed to mind the boy. In fact, some cheered at him and welcomed him. He suddenly stopped when his eyes caught sight of the same woman he’d seen at the clearing. This time she was clothed. She was speaking with whom the boy suspected was her mother. The young woman was pointing to Zarek, her mother nodding. The woman strode up to him and spoke.
“Please forgive me for my actions.. I was fascinated by you. I’ve never met anyone from the outside.”
“The outside?” Zarek inquired, frowning.
“Yes, where you humans dwell… we were forced thousands of years ago to move away from your kind. Now we live peacefully in forests and mountains like this all around the world.”

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