End of the Bike Ride

I loved the feeling of the motorcycle beneath me. The entire ride I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was loving every minute of the wind within my hair and on my face.

“Enjoying yourself?” The biker called back to me.

“Yes!” I yelled into the wind. I wasn’t sure if he heard me or if the wind had stolen my voice, but either way he just kept driving.

Too soon we were pulling back into the parking lot. I looked up from the bike and saw Thomas and Sam lifting a very sick looking Maddi to her feet. I jumped off the bike, and sprinted towards them.

“What happened? Is she okay? Are you okay?” I asked frantically, feeling horrible that Maddi was sick.

“Calm down sis.” Sam said, as they got Maddi to a standing position, “Grab her arm and help me take her to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. We’ll be back Thomas.”

I nodded and took Maddi’s arm from Thomas. Sam and I helped her walk slowly to the girl’s bathroom. She splashed her face with water and washed out her mouth.

“Feeling better?” I ask gently.

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