The top half of their jaws slammed against the ground, causing Robert to stumble.
Their necks stretched out, their mouths open, ready to engulf anything or, anyone unlucky enough to get caught underneath them.
“Help me!” a woman shrieked, her voice shrill with fear. She ran towards him, arm outstretched.
The top half of a mouth lifted up, leaving a shadow that followed her along the ground. She stopped, looking up, mouth agape.
The mouth slammed on the floor, pulled itself back, dragging along the floor.
And she disappeared.
Robert was running away from these mouths with their never-ending necks.
Thousands of feet above them, people slamming down on buttons.
Each press caused another one of these mouths, these necks to reach out and slam on the floor, only to drag back along the ground to the walls of the cage.
Robert stood. Unable to move, unable to breath. There were at least a dozen people in this…. this cage, and these huge hippos were just eating them.
These hungry, hungry hippos.

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