All You Can Eat

I could eat a horse.

No, literately, thanks to that pill Gea the Trelean had given me, I could eat a complete horse in one sitting. Each bite would be digested nearly instantly by my supercharged digestive system.

The side effect? I’d die. The human body can’t process that much food in one sitting. I’d clog up and die.

And I nearly did that that first day. Gea kept cooking and I kept eating. When my arm went numb, I panicked and went to the hospital. The doctors said that my blood was more nutrients than blood. If I had kept on eating, I would have died of protein poisoning.

I asked the Treleans to reverse whatever Gea had done to me and shrugged. It wasn’t Trelean tech. Gea had bought the bottle of pills on the black market on world he’d long forgotten about.

The changes the pill made didn’t hurt Treleans. Their digestive system wouldn’t overload like humans would.

Now I’m forced to weigh my food and eat at set times. On the plus side, however, I can eat anything. It’s now one big buffet line for me.

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