Lick The Plate Clean

I pushed away from the table, feeling a bit woozy. Even though I weigh my food, I have to pace myself or my supercharged digestive system will spike my system and I can faint.

Still, it was worth it. Everything tasted great, including the silverware and the plates. The changes that pill made in me also changed my taste buds and scent receptors. Wines became incredibly complicated, as I could taste things in them that didn’t have names for in English.

I had gone from the 5 flavors of salty, sour, bitter, sweet, and umami, to some 6,000 flavors. Stainless steel tasted differently from wrought iron. Porcelain was a clean taste and plastic was a rich potpourri of different flavors.

Of course not all the flavors are pleasant. I can taste antibiotics, which means I can’t eat commercial beef or chicken anymore. Free range and pasture fed or not at all. Organic milk only, and artisan cheese please.

I used to mock those that ate organically, but now the shoe is on the other foot. I’m organic only and love’in it.

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