miriam, the peach girl

The day had cooled since the morning and it turned into a beautiful day. I waved to Jonah and Amos as they came to help Momma with our few animals. They had been coming over since before Papa went to be with God and I guess it was just so routine they never stopped, even though we never had a lot of work for them. They waved to me in their overalls and I ran over to them, “These are my two ripest ones, extra special.” I beamed.

Amos patted my should and Jonah called me cute. “Thanks Miriam.” They both said together, this was our routine. They promised to come play with me after the work was done, when it was time for the noonday meal.

I went back to my stand and practiced tipping my chair forward and leaning my head down, stretching to see the English’s cars coming down the road. As I was leaning in my weird spying position a blue minivan pulled over and rolled down it’s windows. “Would you like some peaches today?” I asked in my sweetest voice.

A little boy stuck his head out the window, “please daddy?”

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