miriam and alexander

As the summer went on Alexander started coming over to help with the peach stand and we’d talk and laugh. He’d show me his school books and photos from Oregon and I’d take him to the fun places around out farms: the creek with the rope swing, the peach orchard, and I’d introduce him to the friendly ladies who worked with Momma at the general store. I helped him learn our Pennsylvania dutch and he told me about his school.

When summer turned to fall I didn’t see Alex as much because he went to the English school and I went to the one room school for the Amish children. As the months turned to years the Yoder’s started coming to our church and eventually Daniel and Megan were baptized into the Amish faith. I was so happy that day. Like me Alex wouldn’t be baptized until he was old enough.

We started courting during my sixteenth summer and everyone laughed because they’d seen it coming, everyone knew we’d end up together. Our wedding was set for the summer season, and yes, all the deserts would be peach based.

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