Colonel Down

The Colonel grabbed his neck and fell to the ground. Blood came rushing out of the jagged hole cut in his throat by the sharp steel. The pouring rain filled his mouth with muddy water. He looked up to see his men wounded or dead.

The girl he had seen earlier flickered in and out of view as she walked towards him. The girl looked as if she was ready to kill. He glanced up at the girl who now stood over him. The girl crouched down beside him and yelled in his ear over the thunderous storm, “Remember me, Colonel?”

Withe just clenched his neck and struggled to shake his head. The girl frowned, “Five years ago, you killed my brother.” Through gasps of air Colonel Withe managed to say, “You can g-go…to hell.”

The girl stood to leave, “Good-bye, Colonel.”

“Your brother squealed like a pig!” Colonel Withe called. The girl stopped in her tracks and turned around. She pointed her magnum at the colonel’s face. “Hehehahahaha!” the Colonel laughed as she fired her gun and he fell to the ground. *

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