“Okay, how about work?”
“The IRS continues to digest things Congress wrote in ’06. So all our clients needs 2 batches of major work.”
“How many?”
“Around 600.”
“Um, let’s NOT look at work. Daily life?”
“You lost your car a month ago. You borrowed your parents’ spare for two weeks while you suddenly had to find a new car.”
“Finishing up my first week of driving the new car. Spent weeks chasing leads.”
“How about family?”
“Well, after 8 months, I’m talking to my brother again. I don’t think it’ll ever be the same – but it’s a start.”
“Yuck. How about games?”
“Well, that’s okay – new car means less new games – no new distractions. But Mass Effect is still so good it’s evil.”
“Okay, how about your good new friends on ficly?”
“I miss them muchly. Maybe things will let up this weekend. I still gotta judge those two challenges.”
“Dude, you’re overbooked and a bit burned. AND you’re off caffeine. Consider – you just wrote a dialogue between you and yourself.”
“Sigh. Where’s time dilation when you need it?”

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